Practical Strategies for Collaborative Inquiry

Featuring Laura Lipton, co-Director, Miravia

Based on our book, Data-Driven Dialogue: A Facilitator’s Guide to Collaborative Inquiry, this foundational seminar introduces a three-phase Collaborative Learning Cycle to guide productive collective inquiry. Participants investigate strategies and structures that reduce defensiveness and create shared responsibility for student learning. We will hone practical tools for discovering assumptions, promoting data-focused inquiry, and developing shared understandings of both problems and possible solutions. These understandings become the foundation for dynamical planning processes.

Topics include:

  • Using data to focus a group’s attention and energy 
  • Applying The Collaborative Learning Cycle
  • Extending a repertoire of facilitative tools 


Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support 475 22nd Ave., Room 226 Honolulu, HI 98616


$320.00/per particpant Includes all seminar materials.



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